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HR dept worried that employees harassed more by eunuchs in Mumbai local than by bosses in office

17, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. An IT company based out of Mulund has decided to add Eunuch Allowance as a component of salary given to their employees.

The decision was taken by the HR management after it was found employees shell substantial amount of money while dealing with eunuchs on daily basis in the local.

“People in Mumbai specially those commuting via local; have to encounter on an average 6-8 eunuchs on a daily basis. Given how irritating some of these can turn out to be, it becomes very difficult for our employees to shrug them off like they do to other beggars. Hence we have decided to give them eunuch allowance,” the HR head told Faking News.

Eunuchs poking an employee till platform
Eunuchs poking an employee till platform

HR further pointed to how some of their weak hearted and shy employees are forced huge amount of money to save themselves of any untoward embarrassment.

“Sometimes these expenses are only next to house rental they pay in this city,” the HR head claimed.

“While few of them who have the courage to show some resistance have their black finger marks on their cheeks, when they enter office and are not fit enough to interact with clients or go on video conferencing,” he added. “Some of them have stopped shaving to avoid being referred to as “Chikna” by the eunuchs.”

However sources tell Faking News that the company was far from being empathetic by introducing this allowance and their real motive was something else.

Sources say that what was actually irking the bosses in the company was the fact that after having already exhausted their limits of getting humiliated for the day by eunuchs, these slaves employees were hardly being left with any more fuel left in them to get harassed by their bosses and HR in the office.

When confronted with this information, the CEO of the company finally confessed to it.

“From the time an employee leaves home for office, we hold exclusive rights to harass or humiliate him. Nobody, not even eunuchs can snatch that right away from us. As a company it is our responsibility to ensure no one else troubles them,” CEO told Faking News.