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HR employee showed cash to be used to buy MBA students

18, Mar 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. The ugly truth about b-school campus placements has finally come out in open, even though it was known by almost everyone all these years. A WikiLeaks exposé has revealed that HR employees of various companies proudly showed “chests of cash” to be used to “buy” MBA students during the placement process. The chests were shown to a placement committee chairman of an unnamed b-school of India.

“I showed him 10 lakhs in cash, two boxes full of 100-rupees notes, along with various offer-letters of recruitment; he is very happy and has slotted our company for the first day during the campus placements,” read an email by an HR executive of a financial sector company, referring to his interaction with the placement committee chairman.

Indian rupees
Buying MBA students with money is not officially recognized as bribery or a corrupt act under the Indian laws

The email was sent by the executive to the VP, HR of his company, but was leaked to WikiLeaks by a whistleblower in that company. Many other similar emails have been leaked to the whistleblower website started by Julian Assange, signaling that after US diplomatic cables, WikiLeaks could release classified corporate communications in future.

“All of these emails show how HR employees of various companies were planning to buy MBA students from various campuses,” an expert analyzing the emails explained, “Not only placement committee heads, but these HR guys had definitive plans to flash cash before the students.”

Some of the emails accessed by Faking News though WikiLeaks reveal that HR departments of companies had directed its employees to use “pompous means” while making pre-placement presentations to “influence” MBA students into being easily bought over.

These means included commonly used strategies like giving free Pizzas and Coke during presentations and gifting free iPods or gift vouchers to “deserving students” through some then and there designed “competitions”.

“Flash your iPhones or other smartphones as regularly as possible while talking to them, and make sure your Rolex watches are not covered by the cuff of your shirt,” read one of the emails sent from the HR department to its employees going to b-schools for placement presentations and interviews.

The chain of leaked emails hinted that corporate houses believed that an MBA student was most vulnerable to be influenced and “bought over” during the placement season, and they were not shy of using cash and other favors to make best use of this “opportunity”. A couple of emails suggested that some of the employees even showed cash to MBA students, whom they wanted to buy.

In one of the instances, an employee, who also happened to be an alumnus of that particular b-school, ordered Maggi from the local canteen for three students and himself, and left back a 1000-rupees note with the bill, excusing himself on the pretext of having to attend an emergency meeting.

“I’m sure those guys would want to lead a similar lifestyle and they’d apply to our company,” read the leaked email by that particular employee following the Maggi incident.

When Faking News tried to contact corporate houses for their official reaction of the latest WikiLeaks revelation, all of them refused to comment. B-school authorities too refused to comment while the final year MBA students were too busy with placements to comment.