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HR employees working beyond 4 PM in a tech company will no longer be considered as HR professionals

23, Apr 2015 By dasu

Bangalore. City based techie Preetham Agarwal recollects how he never got time to plan anything about his career. His father Uttam Agarwal who owns a popular book shop in the neighborhood, always wanted him to work in IT industry and go abroad.

So instead of starting with alphabets A & B, he started with C thinking it will be easy for his son to follow the book “Let us C” which he has seen over the years many aspiring techies buy from this book shop.

Like every committed father, Agarwal senior sacrificed many things in his life for his son. Though he did not like movies like “wake up sid”, still he watched it multiple times with his son hoping one day his son will get some direction in his life.

Preetham did not have a great academic career, so IT companies who believed having more than ninety percent in 7th & 10th board exam is a prerequisite to write good piece of code, did not even shortlist him for campus interview. Only option available for him was to try his luck in startup world and luckily he got a job in one of them.

HR professional relaxing while techies behind her struggle to meet the deadlines.
HR professional relaxing while techies behind her struggle to meet the deadlines.

For a month or so, Agarwal senior was busy distributing sweets, praying to God to help his son get US work permit visa. He imagined like many in his neighborhood one day he will get a chance to travel to Bay Area in US to meet his son.

After few months, his happiness diminished once he started realizing his son is spending close to fourteen hours in office. His friends, whose kids are settled abroad, consoled him by telling why for a techie fourteen hours in office is not that long. Preetham also told him if you do not spend minimum fourteen hours at office, you will not feel like a techie when you come back home.

One day accidentally he came across Rishma, who stayed nearby and worked in the same company where his son is working. Initially it was surprising for Agarwal senior to see how come Rishma could go to office around 1 PM and come back before he has had his afternoon tea. He started doubting his son and followed him for few days. Soon he realized, the work pressure for a techie who attempts to write few lines of code through google search is much higher than that of someone like Rishma who works as HR. He also read about Nasscom notification in leading websites why HR team members need to leave office by 4 PM to maintain their professional tag.

Now a days Uttam Agarwal is forcing his son to appear for CAT exam, get an MBA and become an HR professional. Preetham is not too excited to become an HR and come back home early. He wonders what he will do after coming back home, as his parents will not allow him to watch TV as they themselves will be busy watching serials and his girlfriend who is also a techie will not be available in the evening to roam around. Rather he wishes to stay at office and use free Wi-Fi office network to surf youtube, like/unlike Facebook comments and then there is WhatsApp which keeps him engaged with his girlfriend.

Menahwile Rishma is taking Nasscom notification seriously. She ensures every day before 4 PM she is back from office so that she is able to retain her tag as HR professional.