HR executive fired for working for more than 30 minutes per day

06, Feb 2016 By chachachaudhary

Mumbai: This shocking incident happened an HR executive in a Mumbai based MNC named Exploitation Unlimited.

Working too much? You are fired
Working too much? You are fired

A trainee HR executive named Sushila Mehanati (wife of Chunnu Mehanati )was fired yesterday on account of working for more than 30 minutes per day.

Faking news correspondent Bonobos interviewed his boss Kaamchor Kaalia regarding the same.

“Initially when Sushila joined Exploitation Unlimited we had briefed her that her JD (Job Description ) only covered sending festival mails or birthday/anniversary greetings every day. Apart from that she should not be bothered about anything else. But Last month her internet search history revealed that she was looking into websites which contained information about employee benefits, employee health, employee training and retention, nurturing employee’s passion, employee engagement and other ridiculous stuff. This is absolutely forbidden in our company,” he said.

“We have already blocked those keywords and put an alarm in our computer systems for those keywords. But because of her being new to our company we left her after a thorough warning that these kind of anti-organization activities are not permitted. Later on she mended her ways and her internet search history came clean for three weeks,” he added.

“But last week she brought a proposal for training employees in various technical and communication skills. She also advised me to get nutrition advice on canteen food. I would not be calling for nutrition expert advice on canteen food as it is just fodder for mules. Its budget was more than their salaries. This is what happens if you try to act smart and do more than what your JD demands. She should not have worked for more than 30 minutes per day. I gave her my example as well. I don’t work for more than 15 minutes unless and until it’s very important assignment of firing someone,” he said while signing on the relieving letter.