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HR manager spends a productive day creating WhatsApp groups for each department

19, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 35 yrs old Arvind Jain, working as the HR manager in an MNC, has successfully managed to bust the myth that HR managers don’t do anything productive in office. This Monday, Arvind worked hard and long to create individual WhatsApp groups for each department in their office.

WhatsApp- Connecting employees
WhatsApp- Connecting employees

After this strenuous exercise, Arvind declared himself the employee of the month for April. In fact, Arvind was so pleased that he agreed to increase his salary by 50% for this great bit of hard work.

Explaining the importance of his work, Arvind said, “Communication is the most important thing in our office, we must always be communicating with each other but as George Bernard Shaw said; the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. Therefore, I decided to ensure this illusion is removed. Now with WhatsApp groups for each department, everyone who needs to know, knows that messages have been communicated.”

“I decided to create separate groups for each department so that there is no information overdose happening. Someone in operations shouldn’t bother about the jokes engineering department is forwarding to each other and someone in finance shouldn’t be exposed to good morning message of the HR group. This will give them enough time to process the information and respond accordingly”, Arvind said.

When we asked Arvind why they don’t communicate over emails, he smiled and said, “As we learnt during our MBA, there are different types of communication, formal, informal, grapevine etc. Now we can’t send official email to tell a funny joke to co-workers since that is informal communication. Therefore, I brainstormed for a month and finally decided to open a new channel for the employees to communicate.”

When we asked what other initiatives he is taking in the office, Arvind said, “I have big plans this year. I am thinking about creating separate WhatsApp groups for senior management, middle management and the executives.”