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HR Person Caught Working After Office Hours, Management Forms Committee To Investigate

03, Sep 2018 By Guest Patrakar
Mumbai: The presence of cops in the office campus shocked everyone until it was revealed that the police had arrived only to interrogate an HR, who had done something unimaginable. On Monday, Suneeta, HR Manager at Infosys, was seen working after office hours even when the entire staff had left. Since no one was in the office, only the security guard to whom Suneeta had submitted the key to her floor noticed her and thus stands the only eye-witness in the case. Next day, while signing the key register one of the employees noticed Suneeta’s name with a rather unusual check out time and immediately approached the top management.
The top management of the company tried to internally investigate the issue but after failing to arrive at any conclusion, the management decided to form a committee to inspect the scandal further. After wasting 48 hours in a meeting marathon, which involved four Managers, one Vice President, one Security guard and 60 cups of tea and coffee, the committee decided to transfer the case to the police. The police showed up at Suneeta’s desk just a few hours after they were approached. Everything was normal except Suneeta who eerily enough stuck to her story repeatedly providing the lame excuse of extra work in her defence.
We spoke to Vice President Mr Mehta, who refuted Suneeta’s claim saying that an HR having work is a ridiculous enough thing to say and to add that she had extra work is utter nonsense. “Suneeta has to tell the truth! Why did she leave the office so late even when there are no festivals around. Had it been Diwali or Christmas we could have understood. We do not have any Rangoli making or cooking competition coming up too. What was her objective to stay back then?” Said Mr Mehta.