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HR rejects a person’s application for sales manager after finding out that there are no lies in his CV

05, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Gurgaon: HR manager of a Gurgaon based MNC has rejected the job application of an applicant for the post of sales manager after the background check revealed he has not lied at all in his resume. The applicant, Rajat Tyagi, was left disappointed after he was told to add few lies in his resume before applying for a sales position again.

A document full of lies

Explaining her decision, the HR manager said, “We wanted someone to head our sales function. Now how can we let a completely honest person do that? What if he goes to the market tomorrow and tells the clients that our product is inferior to the competition and yet we charge a premium because of our high marketing expenses? Hiring him would have been like having a ticking time bomb in the office.”

“I was really impressed by his resume and I assumed at least 75% of it is made up since nobody can be that good. However, the background check revealed all of it to be true. If you are so dedicated to the truth, go and start a morcha with Anna Hazare bhai, why aim to become a sales manager?” The HR manager added.

Supporting the decision of HR, the company CEO said, “Yes it was the right decision. With a candidate like that, not only do we risk hurting our image in the market, even internal office dynamics get affected. I need a sales manager who can lie to me at the start of the year that we will achieve 50% growth, who can lie to accounts department that payment from clients will come on time, who can lie to logistics department about the delivery date required. If someone can’t lie on a resume, how will they manage all these other lies?”

Meanwhile, Rajat has changed his entire resume now and only true thing remaining on his resume is his name. “I even changed my date of birth, not taking any chances now”, Rajat said