HR suspects employee smiling in office on Monday mornings has got a job offer elsewhere

18, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Sonakshi Singh, an employee of an IT firm in Mumbai, is suspected of having job offers in her hand from other companies and is likely to resign as per her HR manager. This suspicion arose when Sonakshi was spotted smiling in the office on Monday morning, a time when every employee is feeling sad and remembers the weekend gone by.

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Sonakshi has been working in her office for 3 years and was earlier always upset every Monday morning and the recent change in behavior suggests she may already be preparing for her notice period.

“I have been working as an HR manager for 15 years now. Just by looking at an employee’s way of speaking, I can tell whether that employee is likely to stay with us or resign shortly. We have a a rule to monitor every employee on Monday to check that their happiness level are within acceptable levels, and this employee was flagged for crossing the limit. Sonakshi is so cheerful this morning and greeting everyone with a big smile on her face, it is so obvious. We haven’t promoted her in 3 years, gave her a 5% salary hike after her appraisal, we make her work 14 hrs a day, we have given her absolutely no reason to smile in the office. I give her one week before she hands in her resignation”, Sonakshi’s HR manager Mr. Mittal said.

“We have employee strength of 500 people. You can check each one of them and you will find sad, angry, upset people cribbing about Mondays. Most of them are busy sharing Monday jokes on WhatsApp and yet, nobody is smiling. That is what Monday mornings are all about. Then we have Sonakshi Ji who is so happy as if she found all the Pokemons in the office only. Hopefully she resigns soon and this positivity doesn’t spread in our office”, Mr. Mittal added.

When we asked Sonakshi the reason behind her happiness this Monday morning, she smiled and said,”Oh nothing, Kim Kardashian replied to me on Twitter this morning. Just made my day.”