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HR team of IT company awards émployee of the year' to real estate sales guy whose EMI offers have kept the workplace motivated

12, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

What are the biggest motivations for an employee. EMis surely top those charts. The others being monthly rent, school fees, shopping and holiday planning. IT companies are the greatest beneficiaries of the EMI schemes of the real estate guys which keeps its workforce ,motivated. Without the EMIs being paid, no employee would show the kind of dedication which he usually shows.


An IT company in Bengaluru actually went ahead and awarded a real estate sales guy ‘Employee of the year ‘ award for keeping its workplace motivated. Sanil jain who is the HR manager of TQS consulting, was making a list of things and motivating factors which impact the workplace. And the things he narrowed down upon were external to the company. So he decided to break the trend and award the actual winners. The actual employee of the year are not the employees of the company, rather it is the sales guy of real estate firms, consumer electronics and people who sell you products which then forces you to pay EMIs which in turn motivate you to work.

Shwetank Srivastav, a real estate agent who has sold almost 30-40 properties to the TQS employees truly deserved the award and finally his hard work has paid off. Employees of TQS, though unhappy of being ignored for the coveted award, recognize the fact that Shwetank truly deserves it. The company has even offered Shwetank a cabin to operate from its premises and make property buying even more easy for its employees. After the TQS incident, companies across Bengaluru have been inspired and are set to award the real heroes who have increased productivity at the workplace rather than just awarding its own employees.