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Identities of 4.59 cr mobile users still unknown, Dept of Telecom says ghosts are using mobile phones

04, Aug 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Explaining the latest CAG report which claims that identities of 4.59 cr mobile users are still unknown, Department of Telecom (DoT) has made a sensational claim that ghosts were using mobile phones, which was making it tough for telecom service providers to complete the verification process.

“I don’t know who I am, where I live”

“According to our estimate, as of now there are around 4.59 crore mobile user ghosts out there, which is exactly same as the estimated count of unverified SIM card users revealed by CAG. This proves that those users are unverified not because of our laziness and inefficiency,” explained Ganesh Mishra, a senior DoT official.

As per DoT, it all began in mid 2000s, when few SIM card sellers complained of being contacted by ghosts, but police didn’t believe them.

Initially sellers resisted giving the ghosts SIM cards without proper identity proofs, but in retaliation ghosts started torturing them using their paranormal powers.

“The biggest problem is that the ghosts don’t have identification proofs like passport or driver license and neither they have a permanent residence,” said Area Manager of a well known telecom company.

“We even trying telling the ghosts to get Aadhar cards. We told them that these days anyone can get an Aadhar card, even illegal Bangladeshis. With ghosts being a legitimate resident Indians, they should have no problem. But lazy ghosts instead chose to torture us,” the Area Manager added.

If BSNL chief Narayan Dutt is to be believed, ghosts who earlier avoided to socialize even in their own groups, are slowly becoming more social and thus they are going for mobile phones.

“It is the impact of living with human beings, they are catching up with us,” Mr. Dutt claimed, adding that he had met a ghost in Delhi who often talked to his friend in Bangalore using BSNL SIM card.

“That ghost is in my WhatsApp contact list,” he further claimed.

Meanwhile, Sahara Chief Subrata Roy has claimed that these 4.59 crore mobile users are the same people who had invested in his company.