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IIM student has started believing his salary quoted by media

10, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In a serious development raising concerns of his well being, an IIM student has started believing that he would actually be getting the same amount of cash in hand as has been reported by media for being his annual salary. The 24-year-old student from one of the top IIMs (campus withheld to protect identity) bagged a job offer of 1.92 crore rupees as per media reports.

“Wow, that’s 16 lakh rupees per month, almost four times what my father earns in the whole year.” said Vikash (name changed), whose father works in the electricity board in Indore. Vikash would be working as an Associate with a leading investment bank in London.

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Vikash is planning to buy a new house, five new air-conditioners and a new car, and would soon be proposing to that girl from his school, who is now studying fashion designing. He’s confident of leading a dignified life with his head held high, as he believes that he can soon earn an amount that will be sufficient for his family for an entire lifetime.

“Sorry HDFC, I don’t need your plans.” said Vikash, referring to the plea of HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company to insure life or leave back so much money after death that a person’s family can use it to meet their expenses and not worry about any other source of income.

But Vikash’s confidence and calculations have started worrying his friends and authorities at the IIM. They believe that Vikash has got carried away after being interviewed and reported by various media channels.

“We are really worried now. He might go into depression when he realizes that London is way too expensive city and and his salary includes non-cash, non-payable, variable, and one-time components, apart from an insurance component in his case which he is frowning upon. And then he has to pay taxes. Every IIM student knows it; don’t know what happened to him in the past few days.” said the placement coordinator of the concerned IIM.

Attempts by friends and authorities to dissuade Vikash from such massive future planning have come a cropper for the time being, but they are hopeful of pulling things back in time.

Meanwhile reports about Vikash bagging such prized job have instilled hope in many other IIM aspirants to rewrite their destiny.

“Clearly economy is recovering and jobs are back with huge salaries. I am so happy.” said Samir, a salesman attending evening classes to get into top b-schools.