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In response to MSG and Ramdev's entry in FMCG, Multi-Nationals to enter Indian Baba industry

27, Apr 2016 By The Reviewer

New Delhi: After watching their core businesses getting hurt by Indian babas, Multi-National FMCG companies have decided to hurt their rivals’ core business- the baba industry. Leading MNCs have decided to launch their own versions of babas in the Indian market during this financial year.

The baba war is about to begin

While Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali products were already hurting MNCs for a while, now Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan has also launched his MSG range of products that are eating into the market share of these MNCs.

After hearing this news, Faking News reporters visited various MNC offices to find out details of this baba blitz planned by the companies. While they refused to share great details of their babas, they did agree that they are entering the baba market with full force.

“We didn’t start the war, they did. They intruded on our territory and now we have no option but to strike them on their turf. What did they think, they will keep diversifying and we will just stand there allowing them to take away our market? Now we will take away their core market through our state of the art range of babas”, said Vinod Kamble, a marketing manager with Tractor and Tumble.

“This market is not entirely new to us though. We were already using babas internally, just called them consultants. Even they gave global gyaan and made loads of money while leaving our problems unresolved, just like the baba people approach for solutions to their lives’ problems”, Kamble added.

A senior VP with Hindustan Multilever, Mr. Jagat Kumar said, “We have done a lot of research to develop a baba superior to the existing ones in the market. Some features are same, like a beard and long hair and the knowledge of Yoga but apart from that, this is a totally different baba for the digital age. We will attract oldies and millennial alike through our product. Once we attack them on this front, I am sure they will take their focus away from FMCG market.”

Meanwhile, an unconcerned Baba Ramdev has diversified into electronics along with FMCG. The latest Patanjali Yoga TV with curved display is all set to launch during next month.