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Indian IT employees outsource their winter break happiness & celebrations to their clients sitting in US & Europe

24, Dec 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Taking a cue from their own clients, who outsource their IT work to India, reports of Indian IT employees outsourcing their winter break happiness and celebrations to their clients sitting in developed western economies has come into light.

As they have already outsourced their celebrations, employees of many IT companies will be working even on Christmas, New Year’s Eve and maybe even on New Year’s Day.

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“Now that our clients will be partying and celebrating for us, it’s our duty to return the favor by doing their work. We are true professionals,” said Manish Shrivastava, a senior software engineer working for a leading tech firm, adding that it’s not that this is the first time such thing is happening in Indian IT industry.

“It’s happening for years. Every winter, many of the techies do this, as going physically to US and Europe to celebrate Christmas to New Year break is very expensive. But by simply following barter system, we ask them to party for us and in exchange we offer our technical services. That means, literally zero expense in terms of money,” Manish explained the business model.

Adding further, Manish disclosed that his client has already reached Las Vegas. Manish has even requested his client to keep him updated via email.

“Plus, I will be keeping an eye on his Facebook activities to make sure that he is partying really hard. I can’t tolerate any compromise on that part. I am giving my best to do his work, and I expect the same in return,” he concluded, “And believe me, if I find any slack in my client’s performance like getting overdrunk before midnight of 31st, I will immediately shoot him a cold mail, right here from my office system.”

This partying model is widely accepted across many IT companies and senior management of firms even promote their employees to follow this model.

“Why to party in places like Bangalore and Chennai by spending thousands from your own pocket, when you can simply outsource it to awesome destinations like Vegas,” reasoned Ravi Reddy, CEO of a mid sized IT company, with clients spread across US, Europe and Australia.

Ravi’s company even provide options to its employees to switch clients in the month of December.

“You know, someone wants to party in Australia, someone in Europe. So activity of switching clients makes sure that everyone gets his/her favorite party destination,” Ravi Reddy told Faking News.