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Indian mobile company calls its new phone 'similar to iPhone 8' even before iPhone 8 is actually launched

04, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 8 in the US on September 12, and the buzz is that India could be in the first wave of countries to get the the smartphone given that Diwali is just round the corner. But an Indian smartphone maker has already compared its latest phone to iPhone 8 even before the features of Apples’s signature phone are out in the market.


Many Indian companies have promoted their phones to be as good as iPhone in previous years also. But all those promotions were only after Apple’s phone got launched. But this is the first time that an Indian maker has compared its phone to Apple’s even before the launch of the Apple phone. All the features circulating in the market about iPhone are mere leaks and have nothing to do with what Tim Cook will be launching on 12th September. But people are already going crazy and have started imagining the new features.

Indian smartphone maker Mava phones are the first ones to take advantage of the latest buzz surrounding the iPhone. Our Faking News reporter spoke to Mava Phones CEO MR. Harneet Ahuja and he had this to say,” We at Mava phones always strive to stay 2 steps ahead of the competition. Our researchers have predicted the features of the latest iPhone and we are pretty sure that our phone lives up to those features. If at all it lacks in some features we will definitely recall the phones and add those as soon as iPhone 8 is launched. Our marketing team is closely tracking all happenings at Apple’s head office regarding the launch of iPhone. I have personally given them the freedom to spend more time collecting news of iPhone 8 rather than spend time in making our own phones better. Hope we will achieve what we strive for.”