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Indian onions selling at Rs 45 in Bangladesh, illegal immigrants moving back

26, Oct 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. At a time when price of onion is making new records everyday in India and people are compelled to change their food habits, our neighbour Bangladeshis are enjoying the luxury of buying onions at Rs 45 per kg, which is almost half of what Indians are paying.

Add worse, those onions in Bangladesh were exported by India.

Neighbor’s Envy, Owner’s Pride?

Now latest reports say that illegal Bangladeshi immigrants living in various parts of India are now going back to their country to enjoy food with onion.

Talking to Faking News, Saleem, an illegal immigrant told us that he had come to India only a few weeks back after learning about Food Security Bill, but now he realizes that the situation is better back home.

“I had a bland Bakr-Eid as there were not enough onions for the mutton we had. I’d rather go back,” he said. He is carrying a kg of onion which he bought for Rs 100 to show his relatives in Bangladesh as they have never seen such costly onion in their lives.

Many other immigrants confirmed this home-going, which has inspired the UPA government to list it as one of their “achievements”.

“We put national interest before personal interest. While these immigrants were a solid vote bank for us, we cared for India first,” said Digvijay Singh, who conceded that he was in a dilemma, but was happy that Rahul Gandhi would have something new to talk about in the next election rally.

Later, we contacted Rahul Gandhi to know his opinion.

“We have actually used the theory of ‘Osmosis’. Currently in India, there is a low concentration of onions, that’s why the price is high. While in Bangladesh they have comparatively higher concentration of onion, which is intentionally created by us by exporting onions to them. So now Bangladeshis are moving from low concentration zone to higher concentration zone,” the young Congress leader explained using a term from Science, something he has started loving since Escape Velocity reference.