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Indian techie develops bargaining app "Dene Ka Bolo" for online shopping

04, Mar 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad. We live in an era where everything from a screwdriver to a washing machine, or from a handkerchief to a Sherwani can be purchased online; thanks to the technological advancements. The process of shopping and buying was digitized through websites and apps.

But what we hadn’t digitized yet, was the act of bargaining. Not anymore.

Exclusive preview of the app

Breaking the myth that street smartness needs physical presence, Mahesh Kumar, a software engineer has designed an app “Dene Ka Bolo” that helps you bargain on the sales prices, or even discounted prices of goods up for online sale.

Mahesh had just bargained on a second hand X-Box game DVD using his app when he spoke to Faking News explaining the high level details of how the app works.

“The app has all the options you can have in the real world while bargaining,” Mahesh claimed, “It has even rare features like coming up with jokes meant for impressing the seller to get an instant price reduction.”

“The generic features include the prospective buyer showing lower prices of the same goods from other websites or even offline shops. There are also features like buyer threatening the seller to exit his website if the deal is not made, or buyer displaying his history of being a regular customer, etc.” Mahesh explained.

The app has already seen millions of downloads. Mahesh has kept it free as he feared that users would bargain prices with him before downloading. Many users claimed that they were happy and looking forward to buying stuff online.

“I understand that the app is buyer centric, but then seller can get his items sold at a faster rate,” Mahesh allayed fears of some e-commerce websites that saw their profit margins going down due to “Dene Ka Bolo”.

But the e-commerce websites are not impressed. Sources say that they have decided to protest against this app and are believed to be working on an anti-app for sellers titled “Khareedo Ya Katlo”.