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Indigo assures employees that it will provide helmets to protect them from politicians after acquiring Air India

07, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

IndiGo, the only carrier that has made a pitch to purchase Air India Ltd., sought to allay investor concerns about the budget operator buying the unprofitable national carrier, saying a deal would help speed up plans for long-distance flights. Although it is easy to please the shareholders, the tough task ahead is to convince the employees as they believe their life would be in danger post alliance. Most of the politician use Air India for their travel needs and instances of them beating up the airline staff is not new to anyone.


The Ravindra Gaikwad incidence is fresh in our minds and Indigo staff is well aware of how politicians behave in a flight. There are over the top demands, flight delays, protocol breaks and much more that an employee has to go through while serving the top brass. It was easier for the Air India staff as they were habituated in catering to the political class, but Indigo employees are not habituated to handle such rude behavior and it may come as a shock if they are put in such extreme conditions.

Indigo top brass has made it clear that only some Indigo staff will be shifted to the newly acquired Air India while rest will carry on performing their regular duty. The names will be drawn out of a lucky draw and employees have already started their protests. SO much so that Indigo CEO in his press conference held yesterday assured the employees that they will be provided helmets to tackle any untoward incident and their lives will not be put under extreme threat. One such employee named Shwetank Jain spoke to Faking News and conveyed,” Only helmets wont serve the purpose, they should also provide pads, gloves and chest guard as a politician can attack from every possible angle.”

It is to be seen as to how does the Indigo top brass keep its employee stress free and go ahead with the merger.