Indigo gives 6 month flying ban to passenger who did not get up in first 2 minutes after the plane landed

30, Jan 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Indigo is on a banning spree as it is continuously banning people from flying for various reasons. Today the Airline Company banned Jagdish Malik for 6 months for not getting in the first 5 minutes after the flight landed.


Jagdish was sitting in the middle seat and his behavior caused a problem for the window seat passenger who wanted to quickly take his luggage and move forward after the flight landed. Indigo apologized to the passenger and put a 6 months ban on Jagdish. Jagdish is a frequent flyer and will now have to take the service of another airline to fulfill his travel commitments.

The ban announced by IndiGo and other airlines including Air India, SpiceJet, and GoAir on standup comedian Kunal Kamra is a clear violation of the Civil Aviation Requirement, said the DGCA. But Indigo wants to give best service to its passengers and will not tolerate anything that hampers the smooth functioning of the airline.

Indigo has also issued a circular saying that any passenger who does not get up after 5 minutes of landing will be banned immediately. Spicejet, Go Air, and Air India is expected to follow suit and we will bring you the latest announcements made by them.