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Infosys employee feels liberated after having Maggi at midnight

21, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Hyderabad. Chandrasekhar Murthy, a programmer with Infosys Technologies Limited, felt relieved and liberated after he cooked Maggi for himself in the middle of the night yesterday. Chandru, as he is affectionately called by his friends, had returned home after finishing a 14-hours shift in the office and was too exhausted to cook anything else. As he was about to eat the noodles, the aroma in the rising vapors made him recall the hostel days of his engineering college, and he felt a free soul again.

“I took out Maggi in a plate and came out in the balcony with a chair. As I sat down with the plate in my lap, somehow I suddenly felt as if I was sitting outside the café of my engineering college. Maggi at midnight with friends used to be a routine and life was so different. For the next few moments I felt young and carefree again. It was veritably a freedom at midnight for me.” Chandru recounted his exhilarating experience of last midnight.

Food for thought?
Food for thought?

But that momentary taste of freedom compelled Chandru to believe that he had been a slave on all the other occasions all through the days of his employment. He felt a strong repulsion and abomination when he was getting ready for the office today morning. The 25-year-old felt like a two-minute rebel.

“I almost hated the idea of going to office. I can’t log into my facebook or orkut accounts there and I can’t chat with my friends. They even banned cellphones with rich features inside the office premises. So forget internet, I can’t even see those beautiful pictures and videos of my golden days to relive those golden moments. I don’t know if a Maggi tonight will help again.” Chandru wondered.

After a lot of intense introspection, Chandru decided to fuck it all and resign from the job. He even typed a resignation letter and proceeded to attend his last day in the office. But the moment he got in his Swift Dezire (car), which he had bought just last month on loan, he was swiftly reminded of the next pending EMI payment. His desire to say bye-bye to his salary got a huge setback.

“I crumpled my resignation letter and used it to remove some dirt off the windscreen. I could see the way ahead very clearly. My boss was waiting for me to give me an awful feedback, even though I had met all the deadlines and delivered on what was asked in the projects.” Chandru said rather disappointedly.

Chandru has been thinking of ways to recreate the Maggi magic since today morning and wondered if he could go on a break with some of his fiends. He was disappointed as his office friends rejected the idea as they feared that numbers of leaves will adversely affect their performance appraisals.

“I can very well understand now why Nandan Nilekani left Infosys to join a government job.” Chandru reportedly said to himself.