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Infosys reverts its decision to allow casual dressing citing 'disciplinary issues'

02, Jun 2015 By @jurnoleast

Bangalore. IT major Infosys recently announced that employees of the company can wear casuals for the entire week. But just few days since the decision, the organization is already facing ‘disciplinary issues’.

Employees were instructed to dress in ‘smart casuals’, however many employees were seen wearing clothes that they would normally wear at home.

A senior manager from HR team said, “It was almost impossible to make a distinction between a house-keeper and a manager. However things were stretched far when a project manager working at the company’s city office kept a housekeeping person as proxy for a conference call with a US client, and no one noticed.”

Infy techies earlier. Not to be confused with Sales guys
Infy techies earlier. Not to be confused with Sales guys

It was only when the client expressed concern that the ‘proxy project manager’ had only one reply to all their questions, ‘Good Question.What is your name?’, did they find out the truth.

After being asked to explain his position by Senior Management, the Project Manager said that he had some personal commitments and wanted to skip the con-call, and he got the idea of proxy PM from the movie Tanu Weds Manu Returns.

Many employees who had purchased expensive branded formal clothes adhering to the earlier code of dressing are complaining that their money has gone down the drain.

Ashwin Swami, a senior programmer said, “I spent around 5000 bucks on branded formal clothes because I thought it will create a good impression on my seniors. Now they are saying it is ok to dress in casuals. What about the money I spent? Even my neighbours are confused. Now when I leave for work in the morning they think I am on leave or I got fired from my job.”

Another employee working in Mumbai office on condition of anonymity said, “Earlier whenever I travelled by local trains in first class compartment, no one said anything. Now they say, bhaisaab ye first class hai.”

But it seems majority of the employees are happy with not having to wear formal clothes. Many new joinees are elated that they don’t have to iron clothes for the week and there are some who choose to wear the same set of casual clothes for the entire week.