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Infosys to get into MBA test prep industry, employees to turn clients

19, Sep 2013 By bschooler

Bangalore. India’s iconic Software services company Infosys surprised Dalal Street today by announcing entry into MBA test prep industry.

Some estimates say that Organized and Unorganized sector in MBA test prep Industry is worth $500 million in India. A big slice of the pie comes from Software Engineers who work at IT companies like Infosys.

Mr. Chatur, a senior leader from the software giant explained the rationale behind this step, “Last year we did an analysis on the attrition data and were shocked to see the findings. The number of people we lost to other IT companies was nothing compared to the number we lost to Top B-Schools.”

On being inquired about the authenticity of data, he told Faking News, “I myself have been in the panel of interviewers during Campus Placements; the CVs we get are mostly of our ex-employees.”

MBA Test Prep
A floor in the Infosys office has been re-designed to start the coaching classes

He also blamed the rising number of IIMs and seats in Top B-Schools of India for steep rise in attrition rates.

“Infosys has a lot of people on bench whose services are not utilized due to absence of projects, we will identify the people who have attempted Common Admission Test (CAT) 3-4 times and have not been able to clear it till date and make them the faculty,” Mr. Ramjane who pioneered this project from HR team explained how the diversification process will be implemented.

“We are planning to hold coaching classes on Friday evening from 5.30-7.30 PM. This will help those people, who leave office early to meet their family or Friday blast, stay back and focus on the work till working hours are over,” added Mr. Chatur.

Our correspondent asked Mr. Chatur if the company was confident of getting enough students because there were many MBA test preparation centers and prospective “clients” might already have taken admission there.

“We will undertake a psychometric test when a candidate joins us and it will give us an Idea on how serious a person is about MBA prep. We will offer them employee discount to enroll at our test centers,” explained Ramjane.

“After that, it’s a chain reaction as in India most people follow the herd mentality when it comes to MBA prep. Everyone will get enrolled once we have a few ones,” added Ramjane.

“Some might enroll because the special she/he is in the prep, and it would be an awesome way to impress them with one’s intelligence,” Ramjane explained how admissions will follow one after another.

Following the announcement and explanation of how they will run the centers, every single stock broking firm has raised the rating of Infosys. The stock market had to be closed early as everybody wanted Infosys stocks.

“They have killed two birds with one stone, their profits will increase as people will pay the fees and productivity will increase exponentially,” said Mr. Parsimony, a financial analyst.

“Our assumption is, most people work till the first half of Friday seriously and then chill. Even if 10,000 people enroll in the program and continue serious work till 5 pm, it will add 30,000 man hours productivity per Friday to Infosys and in a year it would be 15.6 million man hours which could do miracles to the results which no one has imagined,” Parsimony explained.

Higher stock prices, reduced attrition, improved productivity, dream B-School and/or dream love of your life. Looks like Infosys has again proved everyone wrong. Age old adage of you can’t please everyone will now rest in peace.