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With IT professionals turning into photographers, Infosys decides to provide photography as a service

19, Feb 2016 By Swan

Bengaluru: The Indian IT bellwether, is contemplating on including photography as a service. Infosys which has absurdly done everything they could do, to improve its image, from hiring fancy CEO to allowing casual clothing to employees has now finally zeroed in on Photography as a new tool to attract its clients and employees alike.

New interview process for recruitment at Infosys
New interview process for recruitment at Infosys

The suggestion was put on the table by one of the ‘wannabe photographers’ who was on a ‘pre-wedding’ photo shoot spree, and thought highly of himself as the next Daboo Ratnani, thanks to his photoshopping skills and digital marketing.

“We analyzed the search history of our employees and realized that our employees were putting more efforts in learning photography than learning coding. Their Facebook feed was also full of pictures they had clicked,” the HR manager of the company told Faking News.

“We are virtually a photo studio, not an IT giant,” the manager added.

Infosys management felt that it needed to harness this skillset of its employees and thus decided to enter this domain.

“From Software As A Service, we are not diversifying in Photography As A Service,” a company spokesman confirmed.

Now people can contact Infosys for wedding photography, pre-wedding photography, birthday photography, party photography, and everything else where one needs a person with a camera clicking any random thing going around.

We talked to an Infosys employee who was excited at this new career prospect. “Wedding ka 25K, agar video bhi banana hai to 50K lagega, traveling extra”, he said.

Infosys wants to win big in this domain, the education and research department is already put into action for preparing the syllabus for the newly recruited ‘Photographers’. It has already cracked a deal with Cannon for providing the latest cameras with extra auto-focus and auto click features to help employees utilize the Infosys facilities like coffee house, cricket ground, swimming etc.

“We realize that the competition will be tough. Every IT professional is a virtual photographer these days, so it’s a matter of time that other companies will also start offering this service,” an Infosys source said.