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Infosys to shift focus on hiring IIT students of lower quality

04, Oct 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Bengaluru. After its founder Narayana Murthy revealed that 80% of the IIT students lacked quality, Infosys has decided to hire only the lower quality students from IITs from this year onward. The software giant has said that it didn’t really need any higher quality IIT student for the kind of jobs one has to perform in an IT company, which could be carried out even by non-engineers.

“They just need to work as project managers and shift around the names of employees in an Excel sheet,” Nandan Pai, an HR manager with Infosys said, “We realize that it doesn’t really need a high quality IIT student to perform that work. And frankly, we never were looking to hire the best brains from the IITs.”

Narayana Murthy
The comment by Narayana Murthy has been well appreciated by most IT companies

“But it’s official now – we are interested only in the lower quality IIT students,” Nandan said.

Nandan further disclosed that since most of the IT companies in India were experts only at outsourcing and back-office operations, many of them actually feared the quality of IIT students going up.

“A higher quality student doesn’t come cheap; he will expect higher salaries and better facilities. If the quality of IIT students go up, recruitment and HR costs go up,” Nandan explained, “You won’t believe but my last employer had clear instruction for teams going to IITs for recruitment – hire the worst of the lot, just to get the brand IIT on board, so that we can win some projects from clients in the US.”

He said that while Infosys didn’t have any such official recruitment policy for the IITs, the company decided to come out of the closet after the comment by Narayana Murthy.

“The best brains at IITs anyway don’t opt for Indian IT companies,” Nandan justified the approach of his former employer and shift in recruitment focus by Infosys, “The supposedly best go for finance and trading jobs, so I guess the Investment Banks and Brokerage Firms would take care of the 20% who were marked as having good quality by Murthy Sir.”

“Research? There is a separate course at IITs for that, no?” Nandan responded when Faking News asked whether the “higher quality” students opt for research as well.