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Inspired by Manjhi, corporate employee gets armed with a hammer and chisel to carve his way through a monotonous week

24, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

Bangalore: Depressed after his love ‘Friday Evening’ passed away so quickly, an employee working for a major IT firm, armed with a hammer and chisel has decided to carve his way through a monotonous week.

Corporate Manjhi toiling hard
Corporate Manjhi toiling hard

Atul Kumar, a techie working for IT major Infitel lamented, “I thought of spending more time with my love last week but couldn’t because of the ‘mountain of work’ lying on my desk. Hammer and Chisel are just symbolic. It is my way of protesting.”

When asked to elaborate about the protest, Atul said, “My protest is against the monotony of work. It’s against the boring weekly meeting, where my boss sets unrealistic targets and humiliates all the team members for not achieving them. They talk about work life balance, but even on weekends I am called to office for work. I know a lot of my fellow employees are going through the same feeling and I don’t want them to suffer like me so I have decided to take it upon myself to do this task.”

He didn’t even spare the HR for not addressing his concerns when they are supposed to. “I blame the HR squarely for this. They treat you like a celebrity when you join and charm you with their hollow promises. But 2 years down the line, I am doing the same work without any growth prospects,” he said pointing his hammer towards the cabin of the HR Manager.

While most other employees agreed and silently supported Atul, none wanted to come on record.

Neither has Atul received any support from his superiors. His boss dismissed the protest and blamed Atul instead for focusing more on enjoying his weekend than doing any productive work.

Our reporter spoke to the HR manager of the company who said that Atul was just another victim of Monday morning blues.

“He will crib about the work, his boss and the company, like the case with most employees. Just one more week till the salary arrives in the bank account and after that all will be fine,” said the manager.