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Investor convinced of Sensex reaching 50000 mark after attending friend's lavish wedding

24, Jan 2016 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi:  Nivesh Kumar, an investor in the stock markets is a happy man even though he has lost one fifth of his wealth in the month of January alone.

Nivesh is elated and convinced that the Indian economy is buoyant as ever and the market is sure to scale new highs soon – he had flown on a chartered flight to Delhi two days back along-with 250 baraatis to attend the three day marriage celebrations of his friend Nishant Lakhotia.

Sale of this suit itself is expected to push up the garments industry
Sale of this suit itself is expected to push up the domestic and international garments industry

“Where is the slowdown or gloom? There are 2000 people in attendance here compared to only 1500 in his brother’s marriage last year!” he commented after downing four large pegs of free flowing Blue Label at the reception party, “Indian GDP is on course to grow at 10%.”

For the last 20 days, depressed investors have seen the stock markets collapse amid news of global recession and slowdown in major economies.

Raahat Bose, a share market analyst who was also present at the reception, told Faking News, “The Indian media is sold out, painting a gloomy picture! The floral decoration alone has costed twenty lakh rupees here, we have over 100 dishes served for dinner. So much money is being pumped into the economy! Sensex is surely going to be 50000 in next two years.”

An ever optimistic Rajesh Jhunjhunwala, a perennial bull who attends all marriages where he is invited in order to keep his spirit high, said, “The state of Indian Economy is truly reflected  in Indian marriages – always growing in size and grandeur.”

Nivesh drank two pegs more after listening to these experts. He too gained confidence about the Indian economy and markets.

“He must have given away 10000 rupees to the band wallahs when doing Nagin dance in the baraat procession,” someone told Nivesh, pointing to Nishchint – a fellow baraati and equity trader, “Loss of ten-twenty lakhs in share trading is nothing for him. He has seemingly unlimited capacity. Liquidity will keep flowing to the market, there is limited downside.”

After returning from the wedding, Nivesh is planning to put in another five lakh rupees into the markets hoping to double his money by 2018.