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New iPhone to have an in-built washing machine

06, Sep 2012 By Trendulkar

Mumbai. In a development that has caused all the Apple fans to stop washing their clothes in excitement, Apple Inc. has announced that the next iPhone will have an in-built washing machine.

The announcement has especially set waves among various engineering colleges and other bachelor communities in India, who find it really cumbersome and tiring to wash clothes on a regular basis.

“The new iPhone will have 128 GB internal memory and 5 KG washing capacity, and will be priced around $1499,” said a spokesperson at Apple India.

The features will also be available in the next version of iPad

In an exclusive interview to Faking News, Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook said, “We are hopeful that 6G services will soon be rolled out by the government of India, which will help our Indian customers enjoy the ultimate experience of having an iPhone.”

A Times of India report suggests that a19-year-old boy in Delhi has already sold off all the high-priced branded clothes in his house to gather sufficient funds to buy the new washing machine, err… the phone. His parents, who were upset after their wedding gold ring went missing early today, also found Manappuram gold loan papers in his school bag.

While Android users and Lava mobile phone fans have ridiculed the idea of a device with in-built washing machine, Apple fans have rejected such criticisms and have lauded the company’s attempt to make their lives better by adding newer and newer numerals and letters to their lives.

“3GS, 4S, 5, and now I’m already excited about 6! Even 5S will do!” said iMtiaz, an Apple fan.

“Whenever I used to play Angry Birds on my iPhone while taking a dump in the bathroom, I always used to think that the washing machine in the bathroom was taking a lot of space. Only Apple has the vision to understand such requirements,” claimed Amit, another Apple fan.

Apart from washing machine, rumors further suggest that the latest iPhone will incorporate some groundbreaking features that were not revealed in Tim’s press conference.

Features such as bullet-proof touch screen glass, 764 MP camera, and believe it or not – when rubbed hard it’ll also work like Aladdin’s lamp.

Faking News’ attempts to contact Samsung to know about their plans to launch any similar features failed.