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iPhone 8 feature: Phone to automatically announce the price every time someone touches it

22, Jun 2017 By itsmihir1993

In what could be the most anticipated feature of any Apple product so far, iPhone 8 will be inducted with a sensor which will play the price of the phone on loudspeaker every time someone touches it. It is believed that this feature will reduce the burden on the phone owners who, until now, used to manually say the price of their iPhones when they met people in schools, colleges, get-togethers, weddings, public toilets, funerals, etc.


At the launch event, Apple CEO Tim Cook, who believes that everyone deserves freedom but not when it comes to expanding memory storage in phone, said, “Necessity is the mother of invention, and it was becoming necessary to pay wages to our staff. Hence, we’re launching a new model which will be nothing like the previous ones, because this one actually comes with a new feature.”

An Apple technician, explaining the newly launched product, told our reporter, “In case an Android user touches the phone, the iPhone will announce the number of kidneys he will have to sell in case he damages the phone.” He added, “Apart from this feature, we have also upgraded the phone camera. If the Apple logo is not visible in the mirror selfie, the camera won’t click pictures.” He explained that this feature has been added keeping in mind the phone owner’s carelessness when it comes to showing off that he owns an Apple product.

Android users, who had earlier announced that they will boycott the event, outnumbered the number of iPhone users who attended the event. After the event, we spoke to an iPhone enthusiast who was very excited about the new feature. He said, “Every time they upgrade the model, I advance-book the new expensive camera… Oops, new iPhone, I mean!”