iPhone 11 feature: price of phone will help you make new friends if you don’t have any

25, Aug 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

iPhone enthusiasts have gone bonkers after tech giant Apple announced iPhone 11 at an affordable-for-celebrities price of USD 1999 only. Many Indians who cannot calculate the dollar-to-rupee conversion were seen celebrating in anticipation of the iPhone 11 launch event for its new feature of face recognition, which was already introduced in other mobile brands long ago.


However, the feature that has attracted people across the world the most is its high price. Although the high price is not a direct feature, it is classified as a feature for its ability to help the ultra-rich iPhone 11 owner make new friends. “The price is so high that any person buying the phone cannot be poor. When people see an iPhone 11 user, they will identify the rich person and try to make best friends with them,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook, who claimed to have many best friends.

The iPhone 11 developers at Apple explained to us the face recognition feature in the new phone. “Since Apple is a brand, we have gone beyond features and utilities with iPhone 11. This phone also purifies people at heart. If you are a two-faced person, the phone won’t get unlocked,” said a technician, who could not unlock his phone while demonstrating us the feature.

Tech experts have speculated that the new iPhone is going to be a revolution in the world of smartphones. “iPhone 11 will break all barriers of communication and people will want to make friends with the iPhone owner. In future, we aim to produce handsets with the same features but an even higher price, so that we can spread more love with friendships that go beyond a doctor’s love for apples,” said an iPhone developer.