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IRCTC to charge 10 paisa each time you enter password

09, Jan 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. To provide better facility and experience to people booking railways tickets online, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has decided to charge a nominal fee of 10 paisa each time a user enters his password on the website.

“We are a subsidiary of Indian Railways but we have to sustain ourselves independently,” an IRCTC official told Faking News, “We are not going to get any extra money from today’s hike in fares announced by the Railways Minister; so we decided to find ways to earn money.”

IRCTC website
IRCTC ticketing websites asks users to re-enter the password as frequently as idiotic statements by public figures are being issued these days

After discussing many options, such as selling Tatkal tickets in black or selling premium tickets to male engineering students for a guaranteed seat next to a girl, IRCTC decided to go for the option that minimized controversy and maximized revenues.

“Selling Tatkal tickets in black was a really good choice but people would have accused us of earning money through illegal means,” the IRCTC official explained, “Asking engineers to pay more to get a seat next to a girl was a brilliant idea, but the mood of the nation right now is biased towards women’s safety.”

“Charging 10 paisa each time a password was the third best option and it appeared in line with the fare hikes announced today,” the official said.

Experts believe that this step would indeed help the corporation earn substantial revenues as an average user of the IRCTC website enters his password at least 50 times when booking a Tatkal ticket, 25 times when booking a normal ticket, and 10 times when checking availability/status of tickets.

IRCTC officials hope that experts and the upper middle class of India would support this extra burden as they have supported the fare hike by the Indian Railways.

“We also promise to improve our services,” the IRCTC official justified this extra charge for entering passwords, “We will be improving user experience such as changing the font and size of the text – Service Unavailable – which is our most used service.”