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IT companies add 'Relationship Experience' as an eligibility criterion for campus placements

03, May 2014 By Shri

Mumbai. In an unexpected twist, IT companies recruiting from Mumbai colleges have changed the criteria for being eligible to appear at their campus placement tests. While the good news is that that they have relaxed the KT and even the percentage criteria, the bad news is that they have asked for “Relationship Experience” as the bare minimum requirement.

Now every student must have been in at least one long term relationship prior to appearing for the campus placement test. The relationship must have lasted at least a year, and the student will be expected to provide valid proof and documents to support his or her claim.

“I think I chose the wrong path”

Speaking to Faking News, the HR departments across IT companies unanimously agreed that relationship experience was more important than work experience or even technical skills, as this indicates a stable and loyal employee.

“This also means that the prospective employee won’t be wasting too much time hitting upon colleagues of the opposite gender. This will increase productivity,” one HR manager claimed.

However, many students have vehemently opposed this sudden change in minimum eligibility criterion. Speaking to Faking News, Pappy Akela, a final year student studying engineering in a Mumbai college said, “I have tried so hard to fraandship with a junior girl, but ye ladkiyan ke itne nakhre hai ki kya batau. I followed her everywhere from college to classes to cinema hall to even her building, but mujhse fraandship nai ki usne. This new rule is very unfair. Hum protest karega.”

But there was also a small section of students who celebrated with their better halves hearing the new criteria.

“Rocky stud” was elated and told this Faking News correspondent, “I knew one day my effort will be recognized. Even with KT’s now I am eligible, since I am in a long term relationship with my girlfriend. Added to that, she will also be eligible now despite her low percentage and KTs. We are going to Bandstand this evening to celebrate.”

Meanwhile immediately after the announcement, all private coaching classes have started a new crash course “Relationships in Practice”. Some are calling it “Crush Course” priced at a modest rate of only Rs 10,000/- only. The batches have already started to fill quickly and special discounts are being given to non-related couples joining together.

Will the new change in minimum eligibility criteria work or backfire, only time will tell. Till then happy mingling all you singles studying in Mumbai colleges intending to join IT industry.