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IT companies ask "Work from Home" employees to come and "Live at Office" from next month

01, Mar 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Bengaluru: In an attempt to keep a check on their employees, IT major Tinfosys has asked all their employees working from home to start living in office now.

Live at work
Employee living at work

As per Tinfosys HR, this move is aimed at improving the lifestyle of their employees and inculcating healthy habit in them.

“We have found out that most of our employees working from home have turned into couch potatoes. They just laze around and watch TV 24X7 while eating fast food and guzzling unhealthy beers and cold drinks. They aren’t taking any breaks to go to gym, not playing TT or even Chess and it is affecting their health adversely. To counter this, we have asked them to start living in office so that we can give them appropriate breaks from staring at a screen”, Tinfosys HR Megha Singhal told us.

Megha further went on to say, “This will be great for team building. We will be with each other at all times. We can bond better. It will be like a family atmosphere. Just how exciting and path breaking will that be? Maybe it will finally help us counter the rising attrition rates as well.”

However, this decision has drawn a lot of flak from employees working remotely ever since its announcement.

An outraged Ranjit Singh told this Faking News correspondent, “Bhai when I have to sit on a bench whole day then what difference does it make that the bench is at home or at office? Torrents are also blocked in the office, what will I do whole day? This is exploitation of employees by the management.”

Another employee, 30 yrs old Chinmay said, “This will be a bit of a problem since I haven’t got anything to wear while living in the office. I haven’t bought any formal clothes for the past 6 months since I started working from home. None of the clothes I had earlier fit me now thanks to this beer belly that I have developed over these 6 months. Now either I spend a fortune buying all new clothes or go to office in these boxers only.”

Despite major protests, management seems confident that this move will catch on. “This idea of living in office will be like Ashish Nehra in the Indian team. Initially people wondered why has he been brought back but now everyone loves him”, said a hopeful Megha Singhal.