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IT companies excited with idea of voluntary work on Christmas, wants HRD Ministry to control IT industry

15, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. Impressed with HRD Ministry’s ability to engage students even during public holidays, top honchos of various IT companies want IT industry to come under the purview of HRD ministry.

HRD ministry’s recent diktat to CBSE affiliated schools to observe ‘Good governance day’ on Christmas and organize voluntary essay writing competitions, is what made heads turn of these IT heads.

An atmosphere desired by IT heads on Sundays and other holidays.
An atmosphere desired by IT heads on Sundays and other holidays.

“They have proven their worth while dealing with school students. It’s time they broaden their wings and start dealing with IT employees too,” said HR manager of an IT company.

The heads of these IT firms even want people in HRD ministry to double up as IT project managers in their firms or train their managers.

“Our project managers have often struggled to come up with ideas on how to engage workforce and keep them online even during holidays. We have succeeded sometimes but our success ratio is not as good as HRD ministry’s,” rued CEO of an IT firm pointing to an earlier occasion where HRD ministry organized PM’s interaction on Teachers’ Day.

“Our Project managers can learn a lot from their presence in the office and become seasoned after a period of time,” he added.

The project managers too seem excited at the prospect and admit they could be suffering from torturer’s block.

“I often try to make my team work even during Sundays and other holidays but despite all this I often see my subordinates quite happy at times, which makes me question myself if I am performing by job to the best of my abilities,” claimed one such manager who is eagerly looking to hone his skills if the HRD Ministry starts regulating the IT industry.

When asked if it would not create an atmosphere of bitter rivalry in the workplace, the managers ruled it out.

“Rivalry is between people of equal footing, not when someone is already miles ahead of you,” explained another manager.