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IT companies to provide combs and make-up kits in elevators to facilitate self grooming

01, Feb 2016 By Beer & Biryani

A well groomed techie taking a selfie

Bengaluru: In an innovative move to boost employee confidence, a set of IT companies located in the same property will give its employees an opportunity to appear smarter before showing up at work, by arranging for combs and make-up kits in the elevators.

Speaking to Faking News, the brain behind the idea Mr. Kanghi Lal said, “Primary purpose of this idea is to make employees look smarter than they are, but one must also understand that it will be quite useful for employees who lose their combs or forget them at home.”

“The employees have been found peeking into the elevator mirrors at the slightest of opportunity. Even when the elevator is packed to its capacity, they find the gap between people as expertly as Kohli finding gap in the field to take a look at their hair. When it is so important to look into the mirror to adjust their hair, we should provide them the proper tools for adjustment, hence the comb”, said Mr. Kanghi as he pulled out a 4-inch comb from his pocket and combed the haired part of his head.

“Now we didn’t want to risk any accusations of gender discrimination. A comb is enough for a guy but for our female employees, comb only solved a small part of the problem. We have to provide them make-up kits so that they can also look their brightest when they enter the office. Further, by assisting their make-up in the elevator, we save so much time that is usually spent in the washrooms”, Mr Kanghi explained.

However, there are concerns that employees may spend their whole day riding up and down the elevators. To avoid this, HR managers have suggested CCTV cameras inside the elevators and given themselves 100% raise for this brilliant suggestion