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IT companies to provide extra bandwidth for online shopping to employees as Diwali bonus

13, Oct 2015 By Harsh

Bengaluru: With falling margins and unpredictable business environment, IT companies in Bangalore are planning to play it safe this festive season. According to a source within the IT industry, most companies are looking at ‘innovative ideas’ as bonus for their employees.

Ehmployees happy  with the news of extra bandwidth as bonus
Employees happy with the news of extra bandwidth as bonus

Speaking to Faking News, Gurunath Iyer, a senior HR manager with a major IT company said, “Markets are down and we need to control costs. At the same time we need to keep our employees happy. Last year we gave shopping gift cards to our employees and by the time they were free from their busy work schedules to go and shop, the vouchers had expired. We faced a lot of flak for that. So this year we are planning on doing something different.”

On being questioned what exactly the company was planning to do differently he said, “This year we will be providing employees with extra bandwidth as Diwali bonus. Online shopping has caught on with the masses and this Diwali we reckon a lot of people are going to do their shopping online. Everyone knows the bandwidth scenario in our country. Buffering is the new suffering. Nothing could be a better Diwali gift than extra bandwidth.”

Employees are happy too with this arrangement. Some were seen boasting about this increased bandwidth bonus on social media while others were getting a feel of their Diwali bonus by downloading movies.

Industry insiders say that companies are killing two birds with a single stone with this ‘bandwidth bonuses’. They can make sure that employees attend work during festive season and also pass off extra bandwidth as bonus.

Women employees are the happiest. “After diamonds, extra bandwidth for online shopping is a girl’s best friend,” said Malathi Priya, a Senior Project Manager.

The company has also reported regular attendance since they have been testing out their Diwali bonus.

“Those who hardly came on weekends are now coming to work on Saturday and Sunday. There are many who are also working overtime,” said Mr. Iyer.

Looking at increased productivity, IT companies are now looking at having quarterly bonus for employees instead of giving it annually.