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IT companies to verify candidates' experience by looking at their belly size

04, Feb 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Bengaluru: In a path breaking development in HR industry, IT companies in Bengaluru will soon start verifying the experience mentioned in prospective employees’ resume not through verification calls or intelligence agencies, but by simply checking the size of their belly.

10 years of experience
10 years of experience

Speaking to Faking News, representative of HR consultancy firm Couch Potatoes, Mr Jhakmaar said, “Well it is just common sense. Engineers in IT sector spend most of their time sitting idle on the bench. Just sitting for 12 hours a day without any exercise will obviously lead to some accumulation of the fat. Bigger the belly, greater the experience.”

“Once these IT engineers get a project, Project Managers make them work 24 hrs a day. With no time to go home and rest, these techies end up consuming a lot of fast food in office only. All the burgers, Pizzas and fried chicken again leads to accumulation of fat. So even those unfortunate ones not resting on the bench tend to get a nice belly.” Mr Jhakmaar explained.

“Even those lucky ones who manage to get away from office during a project head straight to a bar to forget all about their horrible bosses and work hours. All that beer helps to give them a nice, round belly.” said Mr Jhakmaar.

When we asked what happens to people who have joined a gym and whether they will face any problem in changing jobs, Mr Jhakmaar smiled and replied, “What makes you think these pot bellied folks haven’t joined a gym? That is an unwritten rule in today’s corporate world; join a gym the moment you get your first salary. As for actually going to the gym, we will look at those 1% techies as a special case. Maybe they can display their biceps instead of bellies during interview. Bigger the biceps, longer their experience.”

With the news of this proposal hitting the market, a number of new McDonalds, KFC and Burger Kings outlets have started popping up outside all big IT offices.