IT company creates new post called Client Visit Manager to please clients

11, Jun 2015 By manojgowda

Bangalore: Recently a leading IT company in Bangalore has created new post in their company called client visit manager (CV Manager) to take care of all activities during client visits. With frequent visit of clients of different projects it was becoming difficult for managers to please clients. Hence company decided to hire a manager only for this work.

Client trying out a bollywood step
Client trying out a bollywood step

CV manager’s roles are given below,

  • To identify talents(singing,dancing,acting and so on) in company as it is easier to fool clients by doing some random Indian traditional cultural activities which they do not understand.
  • To identify a person who is fond of eating and has knowledge about Indian foods so that he can accompany clients for lunch, dinner etc.
  • To identify a person who can fake accent of client’s country.
  • To find a resort which is located out of city so that most of the time will be spent in navigating traffic.

And there is news that a company has fired one such CV manager after one of the client broke his leg while dancing for a Bollywood number.