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IT company files case against TVF, says 90% of its employees have left the company after watching Pitchers

13, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

Bangalore: IT company Infitel has filed a case against new media company TVF, allegedly blaming the new media company for its high attrition rate.

The show that led to mass resignations
The show that led to mass resignations

Speaking to Faking News the HR Head of the company said, “The last few weeks have seen almost 90% of our employees quitting their jobs. We know most of them were influenced by Pitchers from the way exits from the company have happened. Resignation letters ended with ‘main beer hoon BC, tu kaun hai’ and the exiting employees didn’t spare even the washroom walls, which had ‘main beer hoon’ scribbled all over it.”

Apparently, the company had to take this extreme step after last week, the CEO of the company too put in his papers.

“Someone has to put a stop to this startup madness. I mean, if everyone wants to become an entrepreneur, who will do this dreadful and monotonous job of coding?” questioned the HR head.

Other IT companies have similar stories to tell. “Although we haven’t faced mass resignations like Infitel, but we are not taking any chances. We are doing all we can to retain talent. Employees have unrestricted access to the internet, including porn sites. Our HR staff spends most of its time  downloading latest bollywood and hollywood movies. We have a dedicated server for this. We have also hired cheerleaders to keep our staff motivated, especially on  monday mornings,” said Raj Iyer, CEO of a another IT company.

Meanwhile, Arunabh Kumar, Creative Experiment Officer at TVF said, “I don’t know why the company is blaming us for their attrition rate. Our intention was not to encourage employees to quit their jobs and jump on to the startup bandwagon. We just created something we thought our audience would like to watch. Maybe next time we will have to carry a warning that reads ‘the actions in this program are performed by professionals, please don’t try this at your workplace’.