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IT company recruits and fires a communal Hindu 6 hours later

31, Mar 2014 By manithan

Bengaluru: It is the season of hire and fire in the country cutting across even political industry. While BJP inducted and fired Pramod Muthalik and Sabir Ali, Congress inducted and fired another Ram sena worker Dinakar Shetty. Aam Aadmi Party inducted and made Somnath Bharti a PM candidate.

Ramesh hiding himself.

An IT start-up based in Bengaluru also joined this bandwagon after it hired a person from Mangalore and fired him after 6 hours of employment.

Ramesh Hegde, 23 years old resident from Mangalore was seen leaving the office in tears last night. As soon as he reached home, he was seen tweeting the whole incident tagging Rajnath Singh, Digvijaya Singh, and KRK, to name a few.

When contacted, the victim said, “I studied hard to get into InformSis (the company that hired and fired him). The interviewer appreciated my knowledge in Java coding and they were very much pleased to induct me. But few hours later, they told me to go home and not to come back forever. And they didn’t even tell me the reason!”

This reporter could hear him sobbing and wiping his nose.

Thiru Vallikeni, CEO of InformSis confirmed this development to Faking News. He said, “We had inducted him due to his skill-set. But based on reports from the HR talent manager, we found him incompatible with our company policies. So, we have to terminate him.”

We got in touch with the Talent Manager, who initially refused to comment on the issue. But on persistence, shouted back on phone, “Yes. He was good in programming. But, when we introduced him to team of six girls, he was reluctant to do handshake with them. He was not easy going with girls having modern outfits. Later, over a cup of coffee, he was speaking about how spoilt the girls are and how he was instrumental in pub attack along with his friends in Ram Sene. That raised a red flag on his credentials. So, I immediately started his termination activities.”

Even though Ram Sene denied the involvement of any Ramesh Hegde in their party activities and confirmed that no such member was in their party, the company was not ready to take a person not having a girlfriend, citing the fact that ‘they do not stay back to work for their girlfriend’.

So, we again contacted Ramesh, briefing him on the reason for his eviction. He replied, “Sir, that was very long ago. I never had girlfriend and was never allowed to enter that pub without a pair. On that day, when I was trying to bribe the pub workers to let me in, I saw Ram Sene workers entering without pair. So, I just joined them and entered into pub. While they were ransacking pub and hitting women, I secretly drank for free and ran out. Yesterday, I was falsely bragging about my venture in the pub that day and they took it for serious. I’m sure they will induct me back.”