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IT company scraps paternity leave, says 'Bride Hunt' leave makes more sense for their employees

09, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: A Bengaluru based IT company, ForeverAlone Technologies, today announced that it will soon be scrapping paternity leave and instead introduce Bride Hunt leave to help their male staff find a suitable match for themselves.

Now go find that bride!
Now go find that bride!

The company announced that it will not only provide mandatory 1 month off from work for bride hunting, but will also try and arrange suitable matches to help streamline the process.

A close door meeting between the Board of Directors and top management of the company was held last week and apart from deciding the date of the next meeting, the management also decided to introduce this ‘Bride Hunt’ leave.

Speaking to Faking News, the HR Head of the company said, “We were looking to revamp our leave policy when we found out that ‘paternity leave’ was the most underutilized leave in our company. When we tried to understand the reason, we found out that most of the male employees still haven’t crossed the stage of finding the right match. Now we have decided to help our employees “

A mail from HR dept to all employees regarding the new leave policy was met with much euphoria.

“Finally HR is doing something sensible. I have crossed 30 and still haven’t found a partner. Since I am working 7 days a week on these codes, I have no time to find a partner for myself on my own. Even when my parents tried to set up a match, it didn’t happen because I could never get a leave to go and meet the girl. But now thanks to this policy, I may get married before losing all my hair”, said Ravichandran. (Name changed to protect identity)

The GM of ForeverAlone Tech. Mr. Mirchandani revealed that they are also contributing to the fight against global warming through this initiative. “All the single engineers in our office refuse to go home till late at night. Even if there is no work, they keep downloading movies in the office. Now if they get married, they will leave office early and we will save so much electricity that we spend on lights and Air-Conditioning. This is our contribution to the fight against global warming.”

Meanwhile, the HR assistant at Forever Tech. has started sending list of probable matches to employees instead of usual email listing out the birthdays that day.