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IT employee seated at entrance of work area diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Greeting Disorder

26, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad: An IT employee working in a reputed MNC was diagnosed with a strange condition called Obsessive Compulsive Greeting Disorder (OCGD) a.k.a greeting sickness. With this, a new disease gets added to the list of sicknesses possessed by people working in front of the computer almost 24X7.

Anirudhh Namastekar is 27 years old and employed at Closed Text Corporation (CTC) since a couple of years. He sits in the first cubicle at the left block entry of company’s work area, which has now proved to be a curse in disguise for him.

Anirudhh has got a similar photograph clicked
Anirudhh has got a similar photograph clicked

In his early days with CTC, Aniruddh started greeting people who came through the door and walked away to their respective locations, with a simple “Hi” or “Hello”.

For reasons unknown, he started considering himself a social animal of highest pedigree just because people who came into the block would wish him without fail.

While this habit continued, it became wilder by the day as he made attempts to even wish the top management with “Kaise chal raha hai bhai…”, “Ekdum badiya…” and “Masth” as they walked past him with a stare from top-to-bottom-to-top.

Observing Aniruddh’s behavior, his colleagues suggested him to visit a psychiatrist as a mark of good gesture, which was later found to be for avoiding his repeated greetings.

After a lot of questions and answers during consultation, the psychiatrist diagnosed Aniruddh with greeting sickness Obsessive Compulsive Greeting Disorder (OCGD).

Sources say Aniruddh’s colleagues in his work block have adopted various antics like stooping through, acting busy on call and some even disguised with fake mustaches, as Aniruddh is in no position to stop wishing people unnecessarily.

Meanwhile when Faking News got in touch with the company, the management refused to help Anirudhh with the treatment.

“You can see our company policies, this is not covered under group insurance schemes. We can at best provide him with blinkers at work, so that he doesn’t see people around him and sees only the computer,” the HR manager came up with the solution.