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IT employee stressed about not getting stressed for 2 days at a stretch

17, Jul 2014 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. A 28-year-old IT employee had to be today admitted to a city based hospital after he complained of being extremely stressed about him not getting any stress for 2 days at a stretch.

Vishal Duggal, the stress-free employee, realized about his condition after he saw himself smiling in a photo clicked with his project team. It immediately struck him that he has been too cheerful and has had no nervous breakdown at all in the last 48 hours.

This failure on his part to get anxious for such an unusually long duration despite being a software professional, made him wonder if everything was normal. His body started shivering after the realization dawned and he began feeling restless.

Vishal's dream pose.
Vishal’s dream pose.

Later, he complained of unbearable stress, after which doctors declared him out of danger and in a stable condition.

If his colleagues are to be believed, Vishal was initially a misfit in their company and industry at large, as he would not panic even in the most difficult and stressful situations. But after seeing people and fellow colleagues around him taking stress, he became envious and cursed god for giving him such a cool mind.

Then began Vishal’s journey towards becoming a highly successful stressed out employee of his company.

To begin his transformation into a normal IT guy, he stopped watching Comedy Nights With Kapil and watched all movies of Madhur Bhandarkar he could lay his hands on to induce some negativity and hopelessness in him.

He would fight with people around him for no apparent reasons, and would take stress even if the distant cousin of a neighbor’s son failed in a class test.

“He even went on to the extent of creating an artificially stressed out atmosphere at work place,” his colleague recalled, “He once requested his manager to prepone deadlines. When the boss didn’t relent he advanced dates of calendar in his mobile and on his laptop, so that he could feel the pressure and heat of the deadline approaching.”

“He would call it virtual stress,” the colleague added.

“He could find tension and pressure even in the most easy and favorable situations,” another colleague of Vishal  recalled how once he was extremely stressed out about 200 rupees extra being credited into his bank account as salary.

Meanwhile looking a his dedication and contribution in the field of stress, his company’s HR has decided to reward him once he is discharged from hospital and has asked new joinees to make him their role model.