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IT employee stuns everybody, marries his work-desk

08, Oct 2013 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. In a first of its kind incidence, a 32-year-old unmarried IT employee has decided to marry his office table and computer system.

He reportedly took this step after he could not find a suitable bride for him despite all the efforts he put in whatever minutes of free time was left after slogging in office.

Work station
The bride, with her neighbors.

“My parents had been after my life for over 7 years and early this year they gave up on me. I tried matrimonial websites too, but no one seems to be out there for me. That’s when I looked around and realized that this work desk was the only thing left for me,” said Rahul (name changed) who will finally get married next week.

Rahul went to the admin department of his office to get full details of the table and then went to the HR department to get a one day leave without pay to find further details about the table.

After hours of hard work, he could locate the carpenter and find out when the table was made, after which the table’s kundli was made.

And when the pundit confirmed that his kundli matched perfectly with that of the table, Rahul had no doubt left in his mind and decided to get married to his work-desk.

“I think after 9 years of service, an IT professional is reduced to a furniture, and that’s why the kundlis matched,” an expert tried to explain.

However, matching kundlis are not the only thing that convinced Rahul.

“I posted many pictures on Facebook, some of them had a few girls from my office, but I failed to get many likes. The picture with maximum likes showed me with my work-desk which got comments like perfect couple and made for each other,” Rahul revealed.

“I spend 14 hours a day with her (pointing towards his table and the system), I share my thoughts with her, laugh and cry in her presence, and at times even get mad at her (when it hangs),” he explained how they were made for each other.

Relationship experts have hailed Rahul’s decision as this is the only way he could have spent some quality time with his bride (the gender of the work-desk is in dispute, but Rahul insists that it is of female gender).

While Rahul’s parents are devastated, his Project Manager, for the first time, is extremely happy with his decision and has promised him an appraisal.

“In fact, everyone in the company following Rahul’s example will get an appraisal,” the manager announced, “They should be nice husbands and whenever they go on honeymoon, or go back home, or go on holidays, they should take the work-desk along.”