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IT employee takes bath and shaves after gap of 6 months, HR mistakes him for new employee and conducts joining formalities

02, Mar 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: An employee working for a major IT company, who took bath and shaved after a gap of 6 months, was mistaken to be a new recruit by the HR department and was asked to complete joining formalities.

Transformation of an IT employee after 6 months into the job
Transformation of an IT employee after 6 months into the job

Amit Balasubramaniam, who works as a senior programmer at Infosick Technologies was mistaken to be a new joinee by the HR staff after he reported to work clean shaven after a gap of 6 months.

Speaking to Faking News, Amit recounted his harrowing experience saying that he struggled to explain to not just the HR manager but also his colleagues that he was not a ‘new employee’.

“I realized that something was wrong from the moment I entered office. I was asked to wait at the reception. The HR manager handed me a welcome kit and asked me fill a few forms. I filled it without realizing that they were for new employees. You see, after working for 8 years in the company I am accustomed to doing things without questioning,” he said.

Apparently, Amit had to flash his id card to his colleagues to convince them that he was indeed Amit.

HR dept. in its defense said, “Since the time our new CEO announced casual dressing on weekdays, these people have stopped shaving and taking a bath. I have forgotten how most of our employees look beneath those piles of facial hair. I think apart from decorating the office, sending Happy Birthday mails, distributing Sodexho coupons etc, HR will also have to include hair cut and shaving in their job description.”

Sources also say that the company is not taking chances and is taking necessary precautions so that an ‘Amit like’ incident doesn’t happen again.

“We are leveraging technology to deal with this problem. Water sprinklers for fire safety are lying idle. We have designed a system where those sprinklers will turn on automatically when an employee reports to work without having bath for more than a week,” said the Head of HR at Infosick.