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IT employees are not supposed to crack jokes while on duty, claims boss

12, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: Ramkishan Ranjan, who works as a senior software developer at IT multinational iLLfosys was fired from his job today after he his attempt at being sarcastic, rubbed his boss the wrong way.

Do you find me funny ?
No jokes with me !

Apparently, Ramkishan’s wife, who lives in Hyderabad was not keeping well for quite some time and Ramkishan sought a week’s leave to give her a visit. However, things turned the wrong way when he sent an email asking him to ‘grant parole to meet ailing family member’.

Faking News reporter spoke to Mr. Rajan get his side of the story. “I have been with iLLfosys for the last 5 years and have hardly taken any leaves and all I did was to ask my boss for one. What country are we in, where bollywood actor gets parole on demand and we employees have to beg for leaves, in spite of slogging so much for the company,” he said while packing his stuff in cardboard boxes, ready to move to Hyderabad.

“Everyone knows these companies are no better than jails, what’s the big deal in asking for a parole,” he mumbled furiously.

When contacted, a senior Manager from the Human Resources Department spoke to our reporter and said, “Mr. Rajan is a laggard, he has shown no initiative in completing his tasks on time. All he does is look at pretty looking FB profiles and send them friend requests or follow women on twitter and send DMs. He just refuses to improve. This was waiting to happen. If he feels that the company is a jail, we are happy to set him free.”

As news of Ramkishan’s exit spread all over social media, many IT employees who were in the same boat, took to twitter and FB to pour their angst. One such employee, Atmaram Basu, who spent 10 years in the same IT Company with no pay hike or promotion, got a lot of support from twitterati with #BailforAtmaram trending on top.