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IT manager found conducting daily review meetings for family members at home

26, Aug 2014 By pratyush

Hyderabad. In a shocking revelation, the wife of an IT manager has told Faking News how every member of her family needs to attend the daily review meeting at 9 PM at home, headed by her husband. This meeting is all about following up with the household tasks assigned to every member.

Mahesh (name changed) has been in the IT industry for almost 12 years now and is very serious about the vision, mission and the strategy of the MNC he is working with. He believes that conducting such meetings at home is in line with the vision of the company he is working with.

Such is the atmosphere at home during review meetings.
Such is the atmosphere at home during review meetings.

Such meetings are attended by his wife Rekha (again name changed) and his two sons.

When we asked his son Piyush (original name) about the review meetings, he got completely scared, ran into his room and shut the door behind him.

Faking News journalist had to seek help from a couple of their employees to question the second son Harish (name changed). He was held tightly by the two employees before the same question of review meeting was asked to him. Since he had not choice but to answer, he told us about the immense amount of planning that has gone into the conduct of the meetings.

According to Harish, Mahesh has implemented the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) at home and they communicate through MS outlook. Upon bunking a meeting, the member is made to compulsorily attend the nearby fitness center for a month. As a result, there have been no defaults till date.

The corporate world has taken a note of this concept and have started building gyms inside their campuses. Narayan Murthy said, “Imagine a world with 100% attendance. Scaring employees with the Gym concept seems to be the perfect approach.”

As Mahesh dislikes the waterfall model, he has implemented the agile methodology. Turnstiles have been installed at the house entrance and strict rules of dress code prevails which allow casuals only on Fridays. (We don’t understand what we have written)

When we asked Rekha if there was an end to this madness, she showed us the policy that mentioned the clause of retirement at the age of 60. “So another 10 years to go before we can possibly think about getting back to our normal lives,” she said, updating her PowerPoint presentation with summary of salary benefits to her maid.