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Jail hires prisoners, promises better leave policies than most companies

13, Dec 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. A newly opened jail, Jannat Karagar, is hiring prisoners to fill vacant seats and in return they are offering better leave policy and work environment than normal companies.

It caught people’s attention after jail authorities put job opening advertisements on major online job portals. Sanjay Dutt, the charismatic Bollywood actor has been hired as brand ambassador to promote Jannat Karagar as “Jaadu ki Jhappi wala Jail”.

There is more liberty inside?

“We are a startup, and are trying to set an example by providing best possible work environment. Currently, number of inmates is very less compared to total capacity, a record in India. But we are not proud of this record and that’s why we planned to hire prisoners,” said Jailer Balwant Singh.

“Best thing about Jannat Karagar is its super flexible leave policy. We have a month long winter parole, Diwali parole, Valentine day parole, and even April fool parole to name a few, it’s even better deal than what children get at schools,” Balwant Singh added further.

But what actually sets it apart from all other jails of world is its unique and out of the box “Jail From Home” policy.

“Sometimes, it happens that prisoners, due to their family and other commitments, are unable to pay proper attention to their jail life. For them, ‘Jail From Home’ is like a boon to maintain a proper work life balance,” explained another jail official, who heads the HR department of Jannat Kaaragar, “We are very big hearted when it comes to employee happiness.”

Jail administration is aiming to get Jannat Karagar name in the list of world’s best places to work for beating Google.

Jannat Karagar’s unique offer is getting tremendous response from frustrated corporate employees.

“Unlike typical corporate jobs, here we don’t need to make a crying face before managers to get leave, employee happiness is what they care for. I am planning to stab my boss and land in the jail with a good offer,” a software engineer told Faking News.

To hire fresher level prisoners, jail authorities organized a mass recruitment drive at a shopping mall in Bangalore, where they were offering opportunities to commit various kinds of crimes such as shoplifting. Instant arrest with offer letter and a fast track court was there to send them directly to jail.

For experienced professionals, they conducted walk in interview. Candidates were asked to come with their updated criminal resume.

Reportedly, after failing to give proper answer to the question “Why should we hire you?” one applicant attacked the jailer who was interviewing him. Sources say that the jailer was so impressed that he hired him immediately.