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Jobless engineer gets hired by after he checks the website 1200 times in just an hour

11, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Lack of jobs is one of the major problems the country is facing right now and our government seems to have no plans for creating new jobs. 

Even though the government is in denial mode over lack of job creation, engineering students have started feeling the heat. A few protests were organized against the government but they failed to gather any attention or momentum. Amidst all the hue and cry, an IT engineer has managed to get a job in a job portal that he checked at a record, 1200 times in just one hour. 

Ankit Jain, a Bangalore based engineer turned jobless was in a search of a job from past two years and his search ended after a job portal, Naukri.Com itself offered him a job.

Ankit Jain refreshed the website more than thousand times in just one hour thereby improving the traffic and hence the ranking of the website. After seeing the improvement Naurki.Com CEO, Mr. Vella himself sent the job offer letter to Ankit.

Faking News reporter spoke to Mr. Vella. Mr Vella said “What Ankit has done is extraordinary, I spent lacs, hired four digital media professionals to improve the website rank but nothing significant happened. Ankit did it in just one hour all by himself. I can’t let go such talent.”

What has happened with Ankit is not very common and common people are still struggling to get a job.

Opposition has attacked BJP government over lack of job creation. Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi in one of his rallies said, “BJP had promised 2 crores jobs but couldn’t manage to provide even 1 lac jobs, hence more than 1 lac people are still jobless.”

While BJP quashed Rahul’s remark saying, “If Congress counts all its party members as jobless we can’t do anything about it.”

While there exists a serious issue of lack of jobs in the country but Ankit Jain’s story teaches us that if you have required skill and unconventional ways to perform a task, then getting a job won’t be a difficult job for you.