Junior Telemarketing executive promoted to Senior VP, Telemarketing, still sells personal loans

12, Jun 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Noida, NCR: It is the appraisal season in corporate sector and as usual, it is leaving most of the people disappointed. However, 23 years old Jayant Jhol is one of the few happy ones.

Call centre
Office full of Vice Presidents

Jayant, who was working as a junior call center executive with Blue Oranges B.P.O. SolutionsLtd.(BLOBS) has received such a massive promotion, it has left all his colleagues in state of deep shock. Jayant has been promoted from being a Junior Telemarketing Executive (JTE) to Senior Vice President (SVP), Telemarketing, for Personal Loans division.

While there is no visible change in Jayant’s day to day job as he would still be calling people for personal loans, he has apparently received a hefty pay hike of 2.3% and a bigger cubicle, that too near the rest room.

Jayant who took 17 of his female colleagues for a treat at McDonalds, to celebrate his promotion, was visibly excited at the prospect of being called an SVP. He said, “I never thought I would become a Senior Vice President. Imagine how it will sound when I call people for loans. Right now they hang up whenever they hear that a junior executive is calling but when they hear that senior Vice President is calling, they will be so happy. Wow people are going to sign up like anything. My conversion rates will hit the roof.”

Mr. Mrungeri K the CEO at BLOBS lauded Jayant for his phenomenal progress and growth. He said, “I know Jayant since he was just a young kid with hazy dreams when he joined us 14 months back. Since then he has been a very vital part of our team. He never stops at selling personal loan to people. If they say no, he goes onto sell Cash on EMI, Overdraft limit, credit card bill transfer, additional bonus point purchases and hundreds of other Financial products to the customer, till they either buy something or cut the call. Although his conversion rates are less than 0.005%, and we have received complaints on his persuasive behavior and obsessive argumentativeness, but those are the very qualities this position needs. After all his relentlessness has helped him gain visibility in eyes of management, hence this promotion.”

After that, the CEO returned to his phone to convince a client to take a personal loan.