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Kasab demands a Starbucks Frappuccino coffee along with his Biryani

20, Oct 2012 By Trendulkar

Mumbai. Residents of South Mumbai were delighted when Starbucks launched its first ever store in India on Friday afternoon, and Ajmal Amir Kasab, a well-known resident of Arthur road jail in South Mumbai, not very far from the newly opened store, was no exception.

Kasab, the prime perpetrator of the 26/11 terror attacks, claimed on Friday evening that he has never had a Starbucks coffee in his entire life. Not even once.

“I was very young and I missed a chance to visit the Starbucks store when I was in New York with my friends in September 2001,” Kasab told the prison guard at Arthur road jail.

Ajmal Ali Kasab
Kasab is confident that the Government of India will not let him down

Kasab claims that he is really thankful to the Government of India because the Biryani served to him is delicious, but he says it would taste even better with a smooth Frappuccino flowing down his throat.

Talking exclusively to Faking News, Arthur road jail officials confirmed that soon after receiving this demand from the jailed inmate, the piece of information was quickly passed on to the Commissioner of Police, Satyapal Singh.

Faking News tried to contact Satyapal Singh, but he was unavailable for comments. However, his close aide and a secret agent to FN suggests that – “The proposal has been heartily accepted by Mumbai police and Rs. 10 crores will be allotted as Coffee allowance for the year 2012-2013.”

Meanwhile, the managing team at Starbucks India is really delighted to have an esteemed personality and a well-known face as one of their first customers. Café Coffee Day has however rubbished this news as a marketing gimmick.

“This is huge! Estimated sales for the first month may cross 50 lakhs!” the manager at Starbucks broke down in tears of joy while speaking to our reporter.

An insider at Starbucks Cafe also claims that the company is looking forward to open its next store in Gurgaon phase-III in collaboration with DLF.