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Kid who replied correctly to “World ka strongest material kya hai?” unable to build proper buildings

02, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Chubby kid with funny voice who challenged conventional wisdom and responded correctly to his professor’s question that “World ka strongest material kya hai?” is in a deep soup now after a building completely designed and engineered by him developed deep cracks and is declared dangerous.

The building that could withstand any pressure is now cracked
The building that could withstand any pressure is now cracked

This civil engineering student, who goes by name Vilas Bhookhe, apparently theorized that a particular cement brand is actually world’s strongest material and not a complex carbon compound as suggested by his seemingly hot, nerdy classmate with big teeth.

Although Vilas completely established himself as a building materials expert in that class and all students clapped for him, but when it came to real world tests he failed miserably.

A building completely designed and engineered by Vilas near Greater Kailash area has developed cracks after he refused to add any building material except KK cements to the building materials during its construction.

Another civil engineer who subordinated Vilas during this building project talked to us on conditions of anonymity and said, “Actually civil engineering standards demand us to put “saria” of a certain specific diameter inside the cement pillars for building to withstand both compression and tension. But since Vilas babu believed that KK cement is world’s strongest material, he asked us to put only KK cements in all pillars, beams and joints. He disregarded all the government standards hence this building may now collapse any time.”

Although the building has been evacuated now Vilas who himself bought a flat on the 11th floor refuses to vacate even now. As per him KK cements is world’s strongest material and it will withstand any pressure.

In a Skype video conferencing interview with our reporter, Vilas explained his point of view and said, “In that class, I asked my fellow classmate, oye engineering karke buildinge banaoge ya quiz quiz kheloge? (after you gonna get your degree, you gonna build some buildings or shit or you gonna be Derek o’ Brien?) and people had no answer. At first they laughed at me and then they clapped for me.”

“Like-wise the people who are laughing on my designs right now will clap for me one day,” Vilas said with a winning smile with a big trophy in his hand.

In the middle of the interview however Vilas’ background started to shake vigorously and the Skype call disconnected, bringing an abrupt end to the interview. Vilas’ whereabouts are not known at present.